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Rangers are the people of the forest. They live off the products of the forest, help out animals in need and feel more at home among the trees than the tall buildings. Rangers are skilled hunters and trackers. They are also wise in the ways of animals, it has been known for animals to aid Rangers in combat.

Rangers are most proficient in the use of bows and swords, finding little use for other weapons in the forest, for they know that speed and agility are of great importance. They have therefore mastered using projectile weapons at long range as well as more accurately, and the sword for when they are forced to fight up close with their adversaries.

Rangers are able to skin their prey and mould these hides into cloaks and armour, helping them to survive in the fierce outdoor lands of the realms. The ranger made armour is generally lighter than the more bulky metal armour worn by many adventurers, and thus enables a ranger to more dexterous in combat.

The more experienced Rangers are able to join one of the four Ranger clans. The clans themselves are sworn to protect a specific animal (Wolf, Bear, Stag and Eagle) and in return for this protection the ranger is then able to learn new skills and abilities based on the animal which they have sworn to protect. Of course should a clan Ranger ever cause harm to one of these animals, the consequences would be bad indeed.

The rangers are said to live in a large camp on the outskirts of the Wandering woods to the northwest of the walled town of  Drakenwood.


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